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Millions of people all across the globe are beginning to realize the threat that is posed to the environment through CFC's, fossil fuel emissions and chemical wastes. Environmentally-friendly organizations all over the world are working hard to promote eco-friendly solutions for the modern lifestyle in general. This includes a rigorous campaign that we are witnessing these days of encouraging people to switch over to solar energy for producing electricity for domestic use. Eco friendly bags for shopping are another way of helping to protect the environment. The plastic disposable shopping bags that are so widely used all over the world are one of the significant factors contributing towards destroying the planet. These disposable shopping bags were widely introduced into the market around 25 years ago, and they were an immediate success, and continue to be widely used all across the globe. The lighter weight and the handiness of these plastic shopping bags make them an easy choice for most shoppers.

However, many people all over the United States now realize the growing need to switch over from disposable to eco-friendly bags for shopping. The first issue with disposable shopping bags is that they do not decompose easily, becoming part of litter for years after they are thrown away. The second, and a more serious problem that they create, is that when they do eventually breakdown, they release tiny toxins that seep into the soil, rivers, and lakes. You do not have to be a genius to figure out how this process contributes towards damaging the eco systems on a massive scale. There are many organizations and businesses in the United States that promote eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping. Custom Eco Friendly Bags is one such company that is committed to providing shoppers with greener shopping bags in all parts of the United States. They deal with a diverse range of clients that includes corporate as well as community organizations. They encourage their clients to buy eco-friendly shopping bags in bulk. Although common business practices dictate that more discounts be offered on larger orders, Custom Eco Friendly Bags goes out of its way to ensure that organizations can benefit from their highly subsidized wholesale rates.

The company has a huge range of eco-friendly bags to offer. Some are recycled, others organic, some laminated, and others are insulated. There are beautiful designs printed on most of the shopping bags sold by Custom Eco Friendly, ensuring that they look great if carried around when shopping for groceries. The complete variety of eco-friendly bags can be viewed on the website of the company, where you can see images as well as detailed product descriptions. Orders can also be placed through the website by simply filling out an online form. The company lists the prices of different types of shopping bags according to the size of the order. All in all, Custom Eco Friendly Bags is an established outfit, committed to working towards a greener planet.

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