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Reusable Grocery Bags

Careless disposal of packaging and grocery carry bags is a huge contributing factor to the high levels of pollution worldwide, and smart stores are moving to giving out Reusable Grocery Bags to customers, rather that the plastic or paper bags which are commonly given to them for free. Reusable Grocery Bags can be kept in the trunk of a car for every time a consumer goes to the store, and for each one of these bags they use, hundreds of bags are saved per year from finding their way into the rubbish dump. If you are looking for a supplier of the best Reusable Grocery bags online, then you will be pleased with what Custom Eco Friendly Bags can offer you.

You will see a variety of different sizes of Reusable Grocery bags you can get from Custom Eco Friendly Bags, from insulated bags that are great to carry perishables in, to laminate gift bags, going right up to large jumbo sizes. These Reusable Grocery bags are fully washable when soiled, and you can give them to customers that spend a certain amount of money in promotions, or sell them at a low cost to recover your overheads. People will think twice about throwing away a grocery bag that they pay for, compared to one that they get from you for free.

You can order your Reusable Grocery Bags in a range of color options and sizes, and we further offer a smart printing service to have store logos, advertising slogans, or whatever artwork you desire printed onto the bag. Besides showing consumers you are moving to do something positive for the environment, your Reusable Grocery Bags are a great advertising medium as well.

Global warming is a very real threat and high levels of pollution contribute to accelerating this serious issue. Certain countries have taken the lead in making customers pay for their grocery carry bags to stop careless disposal of them, like in South Africa for example. Millions of tons of plastic bags find their way into landfills, and in windy areas, they will be seen caught on fences, and even in trees, which is unsightly, and dangerous to birds and animals. Reusable Grocery Bags can be used repeatedly, and being durable and fully washable means they can last for many years.

Custom Eco Friendly Bags offers you a simple service to order any types of Reusable Grocery Bags using the convenience of internet technology. If you want to place large orders for reusable totes, submit the quote form, and look forward to exceptional prices. If you really want to show customers your store is green friendly, give the proceeds you get from sales of the Reusable Grocery Bags to an environmental organization. This will make people buy them more readily, and they will take care to use them, rather than plastic and paper bags.

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