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Every year, nearly 1 trillion disposable plastic bags are consumed worldwide.
These plastic bags do extensive damage to our environment! You can help solve the problem by remembering to bring a reusable bag with you the next time you go to the store. It's just one simple habit that will benefit us all!

Plastic Bags by the Numbers

100,000,000,000 plastic shopping bags are used in the United States each year. [1]

8,000,000,000 pounds of landfill waste is created in the process. [1]

2,000,000,000 plastic bags become litter and ocean debris. [1]

12,000,000 barrels of oil is needed for production. [2]

100,000 animals will die from eating plastic. [2]

1,000 years for plastic to fully degrade!

Paper Bags Even Worse

It takes four times as much energy input to manufacture a paper bag as compared to a plastic one. [2]

The paper bag production process generates 50 times more water pollution and 70% more air pollution than plastic bags [3]

Paper bags are recyclable, but only 10-15% are currently recycled in the US. [1]

Production of paper bags means cutting down forests, reducing habitats, and destroying ecosystems. Trees are also a major absorber of greenhouse gases, making them a crucial ally in the battle to slow the effects of climate change.

International Success Stories

In 2002, Ireland enacted a 15-cent plastic bag tax or PlasTax. The measure effectively reduced consumption by 95%. [2]

Bangladesh banned plastic bags that same year, successfully reducing pollution, and coincidentally leading to the revival of their jute bag industry. [2]

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3 = Society of Plastics Industry: Plastic Recycling Directory (1989)

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